Build SPM for Android Toolchain


Recently I started working on Swift Toolchain for android. I successfully built swift-stdlib, libdispatch and foundation. Now I want use functionality of swift package manager like system-modules in android development.

For example, I want to build JNI Wrapper for jni.h in swift. But without SPM I have to manually provide path for module.modulemap file for jni.h every time I compile the source code.

So is there anyway that I can build and use SPM for android toolchain?


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I asked the same question not to long ago and the following is @compnerd’s answer. At 22 days old, I doubt the post has fallen very far out of date.

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FWIW, I've also started working towards achieving the Windows port. It'll take some time but I suspect it'll be much easier to add support for other platforms once the initial bring up is done.


Is there a ballpark eta?

I am doing it in my free time so nope.

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