[Build] LLVM build is now a build-script product

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Swift toolchain build, I am happy to announce that LLVM is now a build-script product.

PR: apple/swift#38507

This is an important step towards the creation of a more unified build system across all platforms. Changes to the LLVM build will now have to go into products/llvm.py. The LLVM related code is still present in build-script-impl, but is unused and will soon be removed in a follow up PR.

This change has been carefully prepared and tested to ensure consistent behavior between the old and new code, but given the complexity of the build system, there is always a chance that we missed some cases. We have already fixed a few small configuration differences that surfaced after merging and if you observe any other changes in behavior, please let us know.


Thank you so much for your hard work Dario! Great job!

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