Bug in docker image: swift:5.7-slim swift: command not found

Hi everyone :wave:

I was trying out swift:5.7-slim (which seems to be swift:5.7-jammy-slim) and the swift command couldn't be found. The library files seem to be present, but the swift command in /usr/bin/swift is missing.
This also seems to be the case for swift:5.7-centos7-slim.
On the swift:5.7-jammy version, the command can be found.

I hope this is the right place to raise this bug.
If not, I would appreciate a pointer where to raise this issue.

This is expected - the slim containers contain what's needed to run a Swift binary (the runtime libraries) but they do not contain the Swift toolchain because it's massive. If you want the swift command you need to use the non-slim variants