Bug in Apple SwiftUI Tutorial "Handling User Input" preview & simulation - related to iOS 13.3?

Discovering Swift, I am in the Apple Tutorial

I followed it and found a bug, that is replicating in the complete solution provided by Apple (in Complete folder):
When you start a preview from the landmark list, click a landmark, then go back to the landmark list then click again on that same landmark, it does nothing. The row stay gray. You can click other landmarks though.
This does happens also in the simulator, but not always.
Seems that the bug is when a device is simulated in iOS 13.3 and not in 13.2.2

So basically I may have found a bug in Xcode preview or in iOS 13.3 for my first days in swiftUI :-)

(I'm using latest Xcode 11.3.1 in latest Catalina)