Broken unit tests for the iOS scheme

I've run the unit tests for the Alamofire iOS scheme, and one of the tests crashed, preventing the other ones from running. The crash is happening on the CacheTests suit:

The Xcode version I'm currently using is the 13.0 release candidate. The OS version is Big Sur.

Is this happening to someone else?

I also noticed a couple of tests are failing in other test suites, but I couldn't get a complete diagnosis on which ones are failing.

You need to be running our test server locally. brew install alamofire/alamofire/firewalk && firewalk &

Thanks for the support. It's working fine now.

Is this process of installing the test server documented?

No. I've been meaning to add a "Contributing" section to the README and just haven't gotten around to it.

I'll submit a pull request for this, if you don't mind.

I'd appreciate it. I think putting it under the various installation options and including the discussion policy (discuss larger changes before submitting a PR) as well as a link to Firebreak and installation instructions would be fine.

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