Bluetooth mesh networking

I am looking for any existing projects on Bluetooth mesh networing to try to communicate (text based chat) between iDevices when WiFi is down.

Can anybody adise on existing efforts please..

That's probably something better for the Apple developer forums, as the library/framework that you'd use on Apple devices is Core Bluetooth. That said, definitely have a look at the code Transferring Data Between Bluetooth Low Energy Devices | Apple Developer Documentation for a baseline, and from there you can decide how you might want to progress.

Thanks, but I find Apple's forum just dead on every subject.

The most eligable candidate being an app called "Air Chat" (Mark DiFranco) still updated, but relegated to iOS 16, this too restrictive for my needs as I'd like to have support for earlier iOS versions and just wanted to know if that was just not possible, or really hard ?

Doing this with peer-to-peer Wi-Fi is really easy. Doing it with Core Bluetooth is substantially more complex.

Both are quite off-top for Swift Forums. I can’t help you with the Core Bluetooth side of things, but if you have peer-to-peer Wi-Fi questions, ask them over on Apple Developer Forums. Tag your thread with something relevant (like Network) so that I see it.

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Hello eskimo, long time no chat.

I found the following course on Udemy (Andrew Coad):

However, there is a GitHub respository that I can get to grips with beforehand: GitHub - macabeus/swiftBluetoothChat: 💬 An example of chat written in Swift with CoreBluetooth