[Blog] Swift Summer of Code 2023 Summary

Hi everyone,
we just published a summary blog post for Summer of Code 2023 projects!

If you're looking for inspiration for this year (project ideas here) you might enjoy this post:

And of course it's a great post highlighting last year's projects and participants, so give it a look regardless :slight_smile:

The projects in this edition were:

  • Swift Memcached Library
  • Incremental Parsing in SwiftParser
  • Key Path Inference and Diagnostic Improvements

@ktoso thanks for the summary, but just a quick heads up: Alex Hoppen's short bio is repeated where Pavelv Yaskevich's should be.

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Yeah that's funny, since Pavel didn't have a Bio the website engine decided to reuse the previous value set to the bio variable :sweat_smile:

Thanks, we're fixing it :slight_smile: