Biome v0.3.2 available

hi all, swift-biome v0.3.2 is out now! here’s an overview of what’s changed since v0.3.1:

  • the time it takes to lookup versioned data no longer increases linearly with number of snapshots
  • the in-memory database has been re-architected somewhat to make it easier to un-register package snapshots
  • doccomment inheritance is now a first-class, versioned attribute in Biome’s in-memory database
  • doccomment pruning logic has moved into SymbolGraphs/swift-symbolgraphc, mildly improving Biome’s startup time.
  • SymbolGraphs/swift-symbolgraphc can now handle SPM snippets
  • package landing pages now display package dependencies and exact pins (live example)
  • Biome has been relicensed from GPL 3 → MPL 2