Binding to a variable bug?

Looks like bug to me:

struct Foo {
    static var bar: Int = 0

let binding1: Binding<Int> = .init { } set: { = $0 } // ok
let binding2: Binding<Int> = $ // Error: Cannot find '$Foo' in scope

oops, it doesn't work even here:

var x = 0
let y: Binding<Int> = .init { x } set: { x = $0 } // ok
let z: Binding<Int> = $x // Error: Cannot find '$x' in scope

not a bug, feature?

You may want to ask over #swift-users instead; that may help garner the more appropriate group of audience. In any case, the syntax $varName currently applies to property wrappers only (SE-0258 and SE-0293)

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What do you expect $Foo to refer to? The $ prefix is added to a property wrapper in order to access its projected value. Read the documentation.

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