`BigInt` status

Does anyone know when BigInt (in one of the subdirectories) would be released? As well is there a BigDecimal in the works somewhere. I'm aware of the GitHub project.


Is BigInt guaranteed to become part of the standard library?

At least initially it will likely be released as part of the Swift Numerics library. Sometime in the future, it may become part of the standard library.

Oh cool! Has Apple confirmed that or is that mostly speculation?

No confirmation from Apple about this. Unless I'm mistaken, this is one of the open-source libraries from Swift. So, not so much about what Apple wants, and more what the open source community would want.

Is there an established procedure for bringing things from libraries like Numerics / Algorithms / Collections into the Standard Library?

Would, for example, Numerics.BigInt and Swift.BigInt coexist, or would Numerics remove its implementation?

If they coexist, how would we deal with APIs written for one that need to work with the other? And how would the two types be kept in sync going forward?

If the Numerics type is removed, what would happen with clients that rely on it?

Don't know the answers to your questions but there will likely be just one interface definition to BigInt so no compatibility issues. Here's my version Sources/BigIntModule/BigInt.swift, it speeds up the string conversions in the original. Look in the BigInt branch.