Better way to learn Swift + Swift UI

Hello there,

I'm new at programming and I'm focusing myself to learn Swift. Also, I realised that the better way to start (although there is still improvements to be made) is to focus exclusively on SwiftUI Framework. For practice small apps should be working great, and for more complex operations should start to improve in the future.

So, I'm searching for online courses on the Web, and I really couldn't find anything strictly focused on starting from scratch using Swift + SwiftUI.

Could anyone recommend an approach to this?

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You might want to look at the SwiftUI tutorial videos on the Apple Developer site (the Landmark application) to get started. The tutorial does assumes some familiarity with the Swift language. So, I would suggest you get familiar with Swift itself a little bit, before taking on building an Apple applications.

SwiftUI is an Apple-only framework, so if you are looking to build applications for other platforms, you will need to look at different frameworks that work with Swift.

I would get familiar with Swift before tackling a SwiftUI based application. There are many tutorials for learning Swift.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your reply.

If you are already familiar with basic Computer Science concepts and you’re new to Swift but not new to programming, I think that Stanford’s CS193p course is exactly what you’re seeking. It is available for free and Professor Hegarty teaches the hows and whys of SwiftUI and the basic concepts unique to Swift itself in a straightforward and clear manner.

Hi Topher,

Yes, I'm aware of that course. It's really good, but I think it starts on SwiftUI but leaves behind the basic concepts of Swift.

I'm also open, like I said before, to start a Swift introductory course, and then apply to one of SwiftUI.

Thanks for reply.

I already knew Swift before the class, so obviously I can’t tell you if it explains it clearly enough to be a true introduction to the Swift language, but language concepts are introduced bit by bit and with reasonable explanation. Professor Hegarty says in the first episode that students are not expected to have any Swift experience, though they are expected to have familiarity with a C family language, like C or Java. If you have zero programming experience, this is certainly too heavy for a starting point, but if you already know Java, for example, I think you’d be fine following this class.

Hi Topher,

No, I have no programming background, only some HTML5 and CSS knowledge.

Could you recommend a Swift language course to begin with?


Yes. Go through the Swift Playgrounds Learn To Code courses and related Playgrounds. My kids did these and they are a great introduction. They’re on iPad and I’m pretty sure now available on macOS since Playgrounds became available as a Catalyst app.

Yes, I'm using playground right now. It's a great tool.


So far there’s no SwiftUI Playgrounds that actually teach SwiftUI that I know of, but you can try SwiftUI code in Playgrounds.

import SwiftUI
import PlaygroundSupport

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
        //Your view code here…
        Text(“Hello World!”)


Put that in a blank Playground and you can play around with SwiftUI.

Tip on using SwiftUI in Playground–turn off "Enable Results" since your output is now the displaying View. The setting is next to "Run My Code" button.

The course assumes no knowledge of Swift and provides an excellent introduction to it.

Ok, I will take a deep look at it.