Best IDE on Linux/Ubuntu?

As titled, I was surprise I didnt find anything big on this

I tried CLion, I got stuck with headers and a bug that makes the whole IDE crash

Atom looks sexy but I'm afraid is closer to a text editor than a real IDE..

Lots of folks seem to be having success with VSCode. There was mention of an Eclipse plugin for Swift in the past.

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I use VSCode with SourceKit-LSP on Linux and I've been having good success with it. It's certainly not perfect, but it's improving steadily.

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@aemino is this still actual/valid?

Yes, that looks correct. There is also some info in SourceKit-LSP's README detailing (more briefly) how to get the VSCode extension working. My only suggestion is that you may want to consider using a tool like swiftenv to manage Swift versions rather than just adding the latest toolchain snapshot to your path.

I confirm that VS Code works fine with Swift on Linux. I've been using it since Swift 4. SourceKit-LSP made it better. It's not as great as XCode on Mac, but it's good enough, even for real development. Of course you couldn't do iOS/macOS development on Linux.

I tried that, but neither docs or code navigation is working..

I'm on 19.04, what do you have guys?

I really think the Swift team should start thinking of developing a Swift-based IDE for linux platforms and linux development,cause I can't see swift progressing on their "Swift on Server" goal without a good IDE on linux platform.

@aemino @MrBee

Are other things working, like type definitions on hover? Documentation certainly works for me, but I don't think that code navigation (e.g. jump to definition) is yet working in non-trivial contexts.

What do you mean exactly by "type definitions on hover"?
Are you also on 19.04?
Have you any trivial contexts on hand to use as a playground?

Because LSP uses "index on build", make sure you do a build before you expect full features (such as jump-to-definition)

i've been using vim for some time directly from terminal. not everything is commited, but you can see some images at

syntax highlighting, fuzzy file open, code completion, building, debugging, function name tags, compiler & linter warnings

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When you hover over a method, for example, you should get a tooltip which details the type signature of the method. I am not on Ubuntu 19.04, I use Arch (btw), but Ubuntu is more properly supported, so I imagine that the distro version would not be an issue.

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I've been using VS Code with Swift on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04. Yes, the sourcekit-lsp isn't stable yet. Sometimes it just hangs up, mostly on a large project or big source code file or has lots of imports. But for most little projects, it mostly works fine. Your mile may vary though because we're talking about a project that is still being actively developed.

I managed to get it working CLion, it's sweet

I'll upload an example on GH maybe later

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