Beginners Issues

Hi, I am a swift student, and I am having some issues learning. At the beginning of the online class, it was kinda easy. But then the classes got stronger. Right now I am very disappointed and I never the feelings to start learning. If someone could help pls do. I need some inspiration paragraphs from a programmer to inspire me to keep on learning. BTW I am 14 yrs old and need some inspiration.


What classes are you taking?

If you're only 14 years old, I can recommend Apple's Learn To Code playgrounds ( if you have access to a Mac or iPad.

At your age, it’s important that you keep learning fun. It will always be challenging, but that's normal because programming is problem solving after all; if it's too easy, you're not learning anything :slight_smile: So don't get discouraged if you don't get it right away. Think of it as a game where the levels get increasingly harder. Just go slow, do one step at a time, and keep at it! I've been programming for almost 20 years now, and it’s still hard for me too.

When I learnt programming in my first couple years of college, there was a rush when I felt I had control of the computer and could make it do what I want, as opposed to being stuck with others' software. You will get that feeling too one day if you keep progressing.

It is now decades later and I haven't felt that since, both because you only get that rush from learning to ride a bike for the first time once and because you usually become a cog in the machine, writing small software components that fit somewhere in some large software that's mostly not written or controlled by you.

Even that has its rewards, but you could always start writing your own app or game or whatever interests you. As with any skill or tool, it will enable you to create the things you imagine.