Beginner Question: iOS/Swift apps database/SQL options?

Hi all, I'm just starting out learning Swift, so I'm looking to find the best way to use a database in an app that I am looking to develop that needs to store and summarize financial data…

I can easily create the database logic in regular SQL to do what I need, but I am unsure of the best way to do it in an IOS phone app with Swift.

Do you have any pointers on which is the best product (i.e. easiest/cheapest for a beginner but has the summarizing functionality I need) to use? Is it MySQL? SQLLite? Something else? Any suggested books to get that piece of the puzzle? There seems to be a few options, but can't find an answer to which is better - i spent some time trying to learn Core Data, but it doesnt seem like it has the summary functionality (which i need)

Thank you

GRDB is a fantastic library for SQLite that works well on iOS. Detailed here in the readme is a brief explanation and comparison to some of the other options. There is also support for Rx & Combine with companion libraries.


Thank you so much for that referral - I love that all the info is nice and organized in that readme!

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