BASIC -> Swift Translator

Before Swift came out a few years ago, I did all my programming in a language called Xojo (a BASIC derivative), recently a number of events have caused myself and others to abandon said platform, I chose to stay with Swift while others moved to various other languages.

A large project I had started years ago was a TRANSPILER to allow a developer to take BASIC-like code and have it translated directly to Swift. In addition I have created a prototype IDE that currently creates GUI code for iOS. Ultimately all these modules will be sewn together to hopefully create a developement system for macOS, iOS and maybe tvOS. With a look towards the future perhaps even for Windows.

There are going to be at least 3 major components of this project

  • the BASIC to Swift Translator (a working prototype exists)
  • A Swift Framework to encapsulate all macOS/iOS controls in a common syntax (exists as individual Swift files, not yet converted to a "framework" scenario
  • The IDE/Gui Designer (a working prototype exists written in Xojo for iOS)

Right now my major effort in on the first two components. The translator still have translation issues, but it has successfully taken 6000 random lines cut from an Xojo Basic project and translated to Swift with on 89 errors (not bad as less than a week ago, the same test was 900+ errors :) )

If anyone is interested you can follow the project progress on the "If Not Nil" Discord Forum