Azure Functions Swift support

I've been working on adding Swift Support to Azure Functions. The framework supports the most popular triggers and bindings like Http, Queue, Table, Blob & Service Bus. More bindings/triggers support will be added soon! Swift Azure Functions are deployable to been tested on Azure.
Despite being in an early stage, It's a fully functioning Serverless Swift project that supports a major cloud provider! Here is a getting started guid
Any feedback is more than welcome! :smile:


Wow, this looks really cool. Thanks for putting this together. I've gotta try this after the holidays :slight_smile:.

Oh, and one more thing, I see you're using grpc-swift 1.0.0-alpha-X which is really awesome. If you don't mind, it'd be much appreciated if you could write about your experience with it in the SSWG gRPC proposal thread: [Discussion] gRPC Swift

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