AVKit and Docker


I am trying to build an app that uses AVKit using Docker image (swift:latest). The app builds and runs fine on my Mac but when built inside a Docker container it fails with "error: no such module 'AVKit'".

I am starting to suspect that AVKit is not available on Linux, but I could not find any confirmation.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use it? And if it is, then what is the solution to the problem?

Thank you!

AVKit is a private Apple framework, part of CoreAudio, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch


The only Apple frameworks available on Linux are Foundation, Dispatch and XCTest

:ok_hand: Thanks!

Does Foundation and Dispatch work well on Linux?

Foundation works pretty well these days, though there are a few unimplemented parts - see the Foundation status document for details.

Can't say much about Dispatch as I've never really used it on Linux, but I'm pretty sure it works well as that's what several people use and what Kitura and Vapor used to be built upon until NIO came along