August 4th 2021

Attendees: @tomerd, @tachyonics, @0xTim, @ktoso, @varland, @patrick, @kmahar

Action items


  • "Swift Up"
    • Very valuable so let's kick off the effort
    • Everyone: agrees that this is high value and we should start on it somehow
    • @tomerd: will contact swiftenv author again, since existing prior work is valuable; if no response we might just start working on it
    • @tomerd: suggests we can make a repo and kick off the work soon
    • Tim: FYI: swiftenv is used in heroku buildpacks
  • VSCode plugins:
    • @0xTim: within these 2 weeks will prepare at least some bullet points about how he did his setup that worked
    • we can take it into github tickets from there and start creating specific tickets in a repo and start the work on it
    • @varland will have some time to look at the bullet points in 2 weeks and could provide some useful with a fresh "first time setting this up" pair of eyes
  • Survey:
    • @kmahar: will take over the Survey work from Tim who has enough work on him already. Gather existing questions form threads and prepare survey.
  • GitHub announced support for Swift in their security audit tools:

As the author of swiftbox, a lightweight Swift toolchain manager, I would like to share my thoughts on the “Swift Up” thing.

rustup, indeed, sets an example for such kind of tools. It is written in Rust, and users download prebuilt binaries (through shell script for *nix, or manually for Windows) and use them out of the box. swiftenv, on the other hand, imitates rubyenv and uses shell script for everything. In this way, it can only work in *nix, and never in MSVC Windows.

Swift is, of course, fully capable of building such a manager tool, especially with the help of ArgumentParser. Shell script appears to be clumsy and error-prone, compared to Swift. Thus, for “Swift Up”, I don’t think using shell script is a clever idea. With static linking on Linux already enabled in Swift 5.3.1, building and distributing such binaries is rather possible.


Interesting it seems we missed swiftbox — would you like to discuss and maybe even help out with the development of the more standardized “swift up”? We could reuse a lot of your work and expertise perhaps?


I’m pretty glad to. Please let me know if I can help.

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