August 3rd, 2022

Meeting notes 2022-08-03

Action items from previous meetings

Action items from this meeting

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SSWG guides have been merged into the website :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

The server workgroup has been working on various guides for a long time, and we're more than happy to announce that they now made it onto the website! Thank you to the website workgroup for the support with this effort :+1:


  • Deployment plugins @tachyonics in progress
    • no movement due to time constraints for now
  • Shared middleware library
    • @tachyonics continued work on prototyping the middleware library prototype
    • @ktoso @fabianfett @0xTim and @tachyonics met last week to discuss @tachyonics's work on a shared
    • In general promising approach; we're now looking into being able to completely avoid type erasure, and also how to pass context (baggage?) between stages
    • ACTION: @tachyonics @ktoso and @0xTim are meeting next week to continue design discussions
  • Crypto, SSL
  • Foundation
    • @0xTim it is getting very (very) frustrating with the missing Foundation features missing for years.
    • AsyncBytes and multiple async APIs are still missing from OSS foundation
    • @tomerd asked @0xTim to provide more concrete list of missing APIs and we'll forward it more concretely to the Foundation team; should be more actionable rather than the general concern
  • Package Index Relationship?
    • @tachyonics wanted to discuss what the relationship with the https://swiftpackageindex.comis
    • @tomerd best summarized as: they're doing awesome work and we want them to succeed; help them wherever possible
    • It's really great to have the community build such projects
    • ACTION: @0xTim to collect missing APIs list and we can then put it forward to Foundation team
  • Guides
  • RPMs
    • @tomerd no real blockers, just needs to get more attention
    • @mishal_shah should be able to do it if has the time to do so
    • ACTION: @0xTim to post on forums about demand for stable RPMs to get some traction
    • end goal: the docker images etc should be using rpms and debs
    • no reason we can't do that
  • Ubuntu 22.04 and Swift 5.7
  • Jazzy -> DocC move
    • @tomerd sswg projects maintained by apple are moving to docc
    • @ktoso @tomerd there are some missing features here and there; so other libs don't need to immediately jump over; we're using those projects to provide feedback to the docc team
    • mostly FYI, why all those "move to docc" PRs in all those repositories
    • we're trying to figure out the smoothest way to adoption etc
    • ACTION: @tomerd @ktoso and others at apple moving projects to docc right now
  • Tooling workgroup
    • @0xTim it seems like there's a strong need a tooling workgroup since the "language workgroup" likely won't be dealing so much with lsp, swiftpm etc
    • @tomerd yes, very much on the list of topics to discuss by the core team -- core team has not met yet, but this topic is on the list to discusss
    • such group would likely help sswg efforts a lot since we depend on tools a lot for vscode etc.
    • ACTION: @tomerd will bring it up at a core team meeting when it happens