August 31st 2022


@davmoser, @fabianfett, @kmahar, @ktoso, @patrick, @tachyonics, @0xTim, @tomerd

Action Items

  • @0xTim to post on forums about demand for stable .rpms to get some traction (carry over)
  • @patrick to post Swiftly design doc to forums and make the repository public (carry over)
  • All to add input to GraphQL review if have any opinions
  • @0xTim to get into touch with the forum post author about filing an issue.
  • @ktoso to discuss creating forum post to kick off discussion of possible SwiftPM plugin ideas

Previous Action Items:

  • @tachyonics @ktoso @adam-fowler and @0xTim to continue shared middleware library meetings

    • Next middleware meeting moved to next week
  • @tomerd will bring up proposal for swift tools group at a core team meeting when it happens

    • @tomerd: Had first new Core Team meeting and brought the tools group up. It's on the agenda for further discussion and he thinks it's going to happen. Steps are currently in motion towards organizing.
  • @tomerd to ping @mishal_shah about this PR:

    • PR has been merged.
  • @ktoso chase up core team on backtrace support for ARM:

    • Discussed during meeting, see Discussion section below.
  • @0xTim investigate how .NET container is built and see if we can replicate:

    • @0xTim: Didn't have too much time to look into this, but the gist is: start with a small secure image and just add the parts needed to get .Net to run. We can do the same thing for Swift. Getting into the official Canonical security chain will be more complex, may need Apple input for that.
  • @tomerd, @fabianfett provide update on Swift Lambda Runtime release schedule:

    • @fabianfett: We have one API change that we want to land before we 1.0
    • @tomerd: Ideally, it will be done by the end of the year
  • @patrick: post Swiftly design doc to forums

    • @patrick: Met with @tomerd and @mishal_shah to discuss the logistics, will host it on a repo under my GitHub account for now. Long term plan is to move it to apple/swift-installer-scripts and then maybe to its own repo as necessary. Forum post forthcoming.


Backtrace Support for ARM

  • libbacktrace does know how to deal with ARM
  • We use it with SwiftPM, so it's hardwired not to include ARM stuff
  • Someone just needs to sit down and make sure the build works--that's the work. It's certainly possible.
  • Would love for someone from the community to look into this. It shouldn't be too complicated.

GraphQL Review Kicked Off

  • @ktoso: Heads up, the review for GraphQL + Graphiti has been kicked off

    • Going to add some more detail, especially now that we added Graphiti in, but generally going well.
    • All to add input if have any opinions
  • @tomerd: If people are using in production, want to move it to incubating?

    • @ktoso: Some people are for sure, some people want it in incubation.

FoundationNetworking Static Linking Error on Linux

  • Suggestions for resolving FoundationNetworking Error when static linking on Linux/Docker?
  • @0xTim: There's a regression on 5.7 where linker doesn't seem to be bundling in FoundationNetworking when trying to statically link.
  • @tomerd: It doesn't work by default, there's something you need to do with FoundationNetworking.
  • @0xTim: You need to install libcurl and it dynamically links to it, this works in 5.6. Does not work in 5.7 though.
  • @tomerd: Best advice is to create an issue on the apple/swift repo and then we'll have someone look at it.
  • @0xTim to get into touch with the forum post author about filing an issue.

ServerSide.swift call for speakers and sponsors

  • @0xTim: Conference is confirmed to be held in London, December 9tb
    • If you have any good ideas for talks, please submit them!
    • If you want to sponsor, let me know and I'll send you information.

Swift 5.6.3

Ideas for SPM Plugins

  • @tomerd: Some teams using Swift on the server at Apple have ideas for SwiftPM plugins, would be a fun collaboration project for members of the workgroup and the community to brainstorm and build them
    • e.g. make sure headers of every file include licenses
  • @davmoser: Would this be a good topic for a conference talk at ServerSide.swift?
    • @0xTim: Yes
    • @tachionics: I have some ideas for for a talk on this. The gRPC / protobuf team has just released a plugin, and we have some plugins for our clients
  • @tomerd: Would be good for us to talk about some ideas and make the internal conversations more public. Having the conversation on what might be useful will move the needle forward even if we don't start writing code. A lot of people are doing work in this area, so it would be good to share.
  • @ktoso: Meeting with the guys today, and we'll take it to the forums then
  • @ktoso to discuss creating forum post to kick off discussion of possible SwiftPM plugin ideas