August 17th 2022

@adam-fowler @davmoser @graskind @jdmcd @ktoso @Patrick @0xTim

Action Items:

  • @tachyonics @ktoso @adam-fowler and @0xTim to continue shared middleware library meetings
  • @0xTim to post on forums about demand for stable RPMs to get some traction (carry over)
  • @tomerd to ping Mishal about this PR . (carry over)
  • @tomerd will bring up proposal for swift tools group at a core team meeting when it happens (carry over)
  • @ktoso chase up core team on backtrace support for ARM.
  • @0xTim investigate how .NET container is built and see if we can replicate.
  • @tomerd, @fabianfett provide update on Swift Lambda Runtime release schedule
  • @patrick: post Swiftly design doc to forums
  • @0xTim to investigate Canonical .NET container building

Previous Action Items:


Backtrace support on ARM

Now that there are official arm docker images, it seems appropriate to also have…

  • @0xTim: there is no backtrace support on ARM. Had a look at implementing but got quite complex and low-level so backed away. There was an Android PR but that never got merged as it used a fairly large additional library.
  • @ktoso: Core team have it is on their list of thing to look at, I will chase them up for an update.

GraphQL pitch

  • Should GraphQL be proposed as a SSWG package. General agreement was yes
  • @Adam-fowler: should the Graphiti package be part of the proposal. Graphiti makes writing schema a lot easier.
  • @ktoso will be review manager

Swift-log Sendable conformance breaking changes

  • Swift-log v1.4.3 adds Sendable conformance to many of it types. Unfortunately it also included a breaking change that broke some projects using Swift 5.6
  • @ktoso this has been fixed and released in v1.4.4

Make swift-quic an official and recommended SSWG project.

  • @ktoso: Project is probably not ready to be considered. There is a lot to do before it is complete
  • @ktoso: Not sure whether they plan to use quiche or not
  • @ktoso: NIO don't have time to do implementation currently and it is not a current priority

.NET6 in Ubuntu available in Canonical chisel containers

  • @0xTim Canonical have developed a new chisel approach for making ultra-small container images. Their Ubuntu image is 100MB smaller than the standard Ubuntu image. Could we work with Canonical to do something similar for Swift.

.NET outdated command

  • @0xTim .NET has an outdated command which runs a dry-run of an update. Is there something like this available for Swift?
  • @tachyonics, @patrick NPM and Cargo both have something similar
  • Update post meeting: @0xTim it is already available swift package update --dry-run


  • @0xTim ask core team what is the goal for swift-corelibs-foundation.
  • @ktoso Is there a plan to make sure it doesn't get out of date.
  • @0xTim At Swift 5.4 everything was in quite a good state, but since 5.5 which included many changes it hasn't kept up to date at all.

Swift Lambda runtime

  • @davmoser: Is there going to be an imminent 1.0 release. Is it stable now? Can we send people to the repo with the confidence that there aren't massive changes planned for it.
  • @0xTim: Vapor are using it but are using the main branch and not a labelled release as the async/await interfaces are not available in a labelled release
  • @davmoser: @kmahar has said they want to use it internally at MongoDB to test their drivers on Lambda.
    Neither @tomerd or @fabianfett were at the meeting to provide update.

API Gateway code generator using Swift Plugins

  • @tachyonics: We are close to releasing code for generating API Gateways interface code using Swift build plugins. Is this something people would be interested in hearing about? Would a guide be helpful.
  • @0xTim: Yes, this would be a great blog post
  • @Adam-fowler: This is a great example of using swift build plugins

Swiftly Update


swift-backtrace support for ARM would be greatly appreciated!