August 11th, 2019

SSWG - Meeting Notes 8th August

Attendance: @tomerd, @IanPartridge, @Logan_Wright, @tanner0101, @johannesweiss Blog post

  • previously, we were thinking to post just before the ServerSide.swift conference
  • Allen would like to see it sooner
  • possibly for the try! Swift NYC (ie. 7th September)
  • Tanner will try to do a draft for 1st September
  • ACTION [@johannesweiss]: communicate with Allen


  • VOTE: unanimously yes
  • added as optional item to the 'best practises' section of the SSWG process

Joannis's MongoDB driver

  • IBM have a Mongo offering in their public cloud
  • they offer the MongoKitten driver

Joannis's Async DNS client

  • minimum requirement of two developers
  • talk about who could sponsor it, ...
  • ACTION [@tanner0101]: reach out regarding eventual plan: in NIO vs as separate package

Security vulnerabilities

  • everybody agrees it's a good idea to formalise how developers can report
  • we should find a channel to report all vulnerabilities
  • important that we document it in our process how we decided to report vulnerabilities
  • Tanner: would like it to be in github's security tab
  • Tom: apart from what they use (github's thing or gitlab's thing) they should send it to the SSWG
  • Tom: we can't force people into one system but we could formalise minimum requirement (eg. URL + notify the group) & recommend a certain system
  • ACTION [@tomerd]: make amendment proposal

Communication of changes to requirements

  • existing rules: change management: requires SSWG super majority
  • opinion: when we create a PR to change the requirements (non-trivially) we want to also create a forum post and have the community voice their opinion
  • SSWG are not required to do the posts but we aim to always do them
  • how long do we want to keep the post up?
  • minimum time for the post to be live before merge: 2 weeks
  • which forums category? 'workgroup meeting notes' (we're trying to rename to 'workgroup updates'
  • ACTION [@tomerd]: Ask about rename of the SSWG category to 'workgroup updates'

SSWG library adoption by the SSWG partners

  • semi-regular updates what are people using; any blockers?
  • Apple: using (in real prod): swift-nio, async-http-client, swift-log; getting started with swift-metrics; swift-metrics, statsd backend, and postgres also in use (the latter three in smaller projects)
  • Vapor: swift-log (in pretty much all packages for Vapor 4), swift-metrics as a dependency (no implementations yet; goal is before release of Vapor 4), postgres, redis, async-http-client is the default client for Vapor 4, APNSwift is the backend for the official Vapor 4 APNS add-on package
  • IBM: Kitura 2.8 coming any day now, adopts swift-log API, released HeliumLogger as a swift-log backend, async-http-client (through a package that used to delegate to URLSession; release pending), would love to redo redis driver and make use of swift-metrics
  • ACTION [@ianpartridge]: Add Helium backend to swift-log readme

Update to not use unsafe (unless C interfacing)

  • seems non-controversial
  • ACTION [@johannesweiss]: make PR and forums post

Vote stats metrics client

  • Tom: there's another package (supports UDP+TCP), Tom reached out for collab
  • Tom: there are some technical issues in the other package (around shutdown/ELG usage)
  • Ian: does he want to go through the process?
  • Tom: he hasn't pitched/proposed to SSWG yet
  • VOTE: unanimously: yes (to sandbox), pending on minimum
  • partner: Konrad
  • sponsor: Apple
  • ACTION [@tomerd]: check minimum reqs & give correct access
  • note: this does not mean the other one won't be accepted. Totally possible to have two Statsd clients.

SSWG Overview

  • page should list authors, probably more prominently than sponsor
  • ACTION [@tomerd]: change the overview

Vote on Prometheus

  • VOTE: unanimously yes (to sandbox), pending minimum requirements
  • ACTION [@Logan_Wright & @tanner0101]: check minimum reqs & write access
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