Atomics in Swift 6

I've been experimenting heavily with SE-0427 and non-copyable generics lately so I'm using Swift 6 nightly toolchains. Yesterday I went to add a macro to the project where I'm doing this and (after downloading the appropriate nightly version of swift-syntax) suddenly I'm getting:

<unknown>:0: error: missing required module '_AtomicBool'

which I presume means that I need to somehow enable stdlib support for Atomics., But I can't figure out the appropriate flags to get past this.

Any suggestions, @Alejandro ?

I'm not actually sure what module this is or where it comes from :thinking:

Edit: Oh this is a C module in swift-syntax :thinking:

cc: @ahoppen


@rvsrvs Do you have a package that reproduces the issue? That would make it a lot easier for me to figure out what’s going wrong.

let me see what I can do. Picked back up a little while ago and I'm suspecting that this is Xcode related

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