Atomic Blonde is back!

hi all, just a small update: the atomic-blonde syntax highlighter for the Atom text has been out-of-commission for the last few months due to source-breaking changes in the V8 javascript engine, but I’ve just updated it to work with the latest version of node-gyp and V8.

for those who don’t know, atomic-blonde is a sourcekit-based syntax highlighter that provides semantic syntax highlighting for swift files in the Atom editor, which makes it much more accurate than traditional textmate/regex-based highlighters (including the one VSCode + sourcekit-lsp uses).

original threads:


That sounds great! Will have to look into it, especially the Linux bit is very exciting…

Thanks for your work here!

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Small thing but I did link to it from the SSWG guides :slight_smile:

Hopefully more people discover it this way! :heart:

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