AsyncPublisher Blocks subsequent calls

I am experiencing an issue using AsyncPublisher. I have a project where I am waiting to receive connection status updates via a closure from Network.Framework. I am using a publisher to capture the value and report it to an observable object. From there I use Async Publisher in order to loop over the status and perform some logic accordingly. However any calls made after the monitorConnection() method will not be called. It seems we are stuck in the loop or something although the loop doesn't seem to be running after I receive the latest status. Am I forgetting to do something? Here is the link to the source code identifying the problem in a simple test case.

Here is where the iteration occurs.

Any thoughts are appreciate,

Thanks in advance

Turns out to be fairly simple. The loop never stops being monitored I believe. So, we need to exit under certain conditions.

guard state != .setup, state != .preparing else { break }