AsyncAlgorithms 1.0

AsyncAlgorithms has now hit 1.0! :tada:

This release contains a vast amount of work from the community and has been pivotal in the production of apps and other tools using Swift and particularly Swift concurrency.

I would like to personally think everyone who has contributed so far:
0xpablo, Danappelxx, elmetal, ezura, fabianfett, FranzBusch, freysie, GavrilikArt, glessard, invalidname, jamieQ, jefflewis, jordanekay, k-kohey, kimgaeunnn, kingreza, kperryua, kristofferjohansson, ktan17, Kyle-Ye, markiv, MaxDesiatov, ole, parkera, phausler, rustle, s2mr, stzn, swiftty, tevelee, TiagoMaiaL, and twittemb. Y'all have not only made this project better but also expanded the understanding of how good practices for writing AsyncSequence types should work.

Obviously this is just the start to something even more - there are a number of existing pitches and prototypes that have been patiently waiting for 1.0 to land before moving forward. Some of the ideas of interest are (including but not limited to) refinements for AsyncStream, sharing/distributing, variadic versions of the combination functions, and more.


great work everyone! fyi, docs for the new release are now available on swiftinit.

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