Assistance regarding memcached Client swift implementation gsoc2023

Hello Everyone

I am a complete novice to open source, but I would like to get involved in the Memcached binary protocol implementation project listed under gsoc2023. Please any assistance on where to start regarding proposal submission and what steps to take would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Hey @Saf1u,

Thanks for expressing your interest in this! There has been already some work from @moritz on this which you can find over here.

However, this is non complete and we would love to tackle this in GSoC this year. There are roughly three main areas that we have to implement:

  1. A request encoder for the binary protocol
  2. A response decoder for the binary protocol
  3. A MemcachedClient that is capable of sending the requests and receiving the responses.

I recommend reading through this document which explains how the binary protocol of Memcached works. What I would like to see in the proposal is a rough outline of how you would tackle the individual steps above, how rough APIs could look like and lastly what features of the binary protocol you want to support.
The protocol has many features and we do not need to implement all of them during GSOC. One of the most important ones is request pipelining though. So make sure to understand that and how it could be implemented.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out here in the thread, via a private message or on the Swift Open Source Slack!



Thanks for the reply and the pointers @FranzBusch I will go through the documents and try and come up with an acceptable proposal.

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@FranzBusch hey Franz, would love to reach out on this as well, would you happen to have the link to the slack? i can't find it. I have some more questions

(With my GSoC admin hat on): I would suggest sticking to forums for discussions as much as possible :slight_smile: You can also use direct messages on the forums to reach out to the mentor.

Having that said, the open source slack is: invite link

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Thanks @ktoso for providing the link.

@atj3097 Feel free to reach out here in the thread, per DM in the forums or over in the Slack workspace. Happy to answer any question you have!

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