Article about Swift on Windows

I just saw that @compnerd wrote an article last week about writing Swift on Windows, which I found when it was posted on earlier today.


Heh, this post already blew up on HN, which I didn't know since I don't read it, only rarely searching it for some topic I'm interested in. Looks like nobody has posted it to reddit yet.

@compnerd, have you considered submitting a post to the Swift blog about your and The Browser Company's current work, as I suggested earlier this year?

I think a Windows update post would do very well, @alexandersandberg, the Swift blog should be soliciting posts like this.


We do allow submissions from anyone who's interested in writing a blog post for the blog, but we can definitely do more in terms of soliciting posts, as you mention.

I will bring it up with the SWWG. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just saw this video by Saleem's company talking about their Windows port using Swift, I like how they're openly talking about their work before it's released.


The Browser Company just uploaded another post on their Substack, this time about interfacing Swift with WinRT.

They've been doing a great job of blogging about their technical work, most tech blogs could learn from them, including the Swift blog. I'd love to see a blog post introducing your embedded work, @kubamracek, or a post demonstrating the new SDK bundles, @Max_Desiatov.