Arrow-up does not bring the previous line up in Xcode 11.4 beta

I've downloaded Xcode 11.4 beta to try Swift 5.2 and pointed xcode-select -s to it. I got a working Swift 5.2 REPL except for the history is not working properly with arrow up/down, up arrow fails to work and the down one starts with the very first expression in Swift REPL history saved on disk. Overall the arrow up/down behavior seems erratic. Switching from bash to zsh doesn't change it. I'm on the latest Catalina. Fixes to try?

I think the REPL history has been broken since Swift 5.1

I've also been annoyed by this (and other glitches in the REPL). It makes it unusable for me, which is a pity because I would use it from time to time if it worked as expected.
It's the same with the one that comes with Xcode 11.3.1 (11C504).

And I can't get any code completion either. I think it used to show code completions when pressing tab after eg Int. didn't it?

The issue is still unassigned. Are core teams reading this?

@JDevlieghere will look at this.

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