ArgumentParser adoption thread

It's terrific to see people already integrating ArgumentParser into their projects! Seeing examples of how people are using the library is extremely valuable for evaluating the design so far and looking at where we might need to fill out features or documentation.

If you'd like to share your adoption in an open-source command-line tool, please add a link to your project in this thread!


I've migrated to ArgumentParser here. I really really like @OptionGroup to automatically get the arguments in a separate struct that could be passed around :rocket:

One thing I would like is the ability to give custom names to @Argument values just like @Flag and @Option, I know they are positional so there's no prefix name but they still show on the auto generated help message, as well as on the parameters missing message.

Looks great, @kaan!

You can override the value name when passing a full ArgumentHelp instance instead of a string literal. Take a look here for an example:

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DrString migrating from swift-tools-support-core to swift-argument-parser:


Swift for TensorFlow related project swift-models migrating from Commander to ArgumentParser:


@nnnnnnnn is there a way to pass arguments/options/flags in one ParsableCommand down to its subcommands, which accept their own arguments? i.e., where the subcommand needs to see what bar is here:

mycommand foo [--bar <value>] <subcommand>

I updated my tool. Trash my command parser written by Objective-C, use ArgumentParser!

griffin-stewie/clg: Supports generate clr file or code from ASE file a.k.a. "Adobe Swatch Exchange" etc.

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