Are there any plans to better integrate swift-format with the swift language/tooling?

For example rust and go both have a ‘fmt’ command that is pretty much built into the tooling.

Go programs won’t even compile if your code isn’t styled correctly with gofmt.

I know this feels pretty restrictive, but I feel like the language could benefit from some standard coding style.

Also right now swift has so many different tools for formatting/linting code. I feel like having all that standardized would also be great.


I agree, having it built into the toolchain would be great. The point that makes it the most appealing to me is being able to easily require contributors to run swift-format before submitting a PR. Cause at the moment that means they have to install the tool which is not a completely smooth process. I think this would also make adding formatting capabilities to the language server a lot easier cause there wouldn’t be the current issues around needing to include it as a binary dependency iirc (which would only support darwin).