Are SwiftUI and Combine still "off-topic"?

I've been seeing a lot more SwiftUI related questions on this website. While the site is generally moderated with a soft touch, these questions don't seem to get a normal treatment anymore (e.g. unlisted, marked off-topic).

Has there been any change in the site policy about things considered on-topic? Where should I look for the answer for this kind of question afterward?

What sort of timeframe are you asking about? If it’s the past week or so, that coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday period for a fair number of people, so maybe they’re checking the forums a bit less frequently.

I think SwiftUI&Combine posts should be considered on-topic at least in separate categories. Since there are lots of propertyWrapper resultBuilder and future Concurrency async/await related questions around here pertained to Swift lang design and application, especially for UI developers most of the time.

If SwiftUI and Combine have open source plan, the best way is building their own website/forum for discussions, but currently there's NO obvious evidence for open-source planning, so allow them to be discussed in swift forum is a reasonable and desirable policy.

Happy holiday Swift guys~

I think it's been about a month. If they just missed it that'd be fine too. At least I can point new members to appropriate site.

The framework developers themselves want discussion to happen on their own forums. The most helpful thing we can do is to point users to those other forums, instead of furthering the misunderstanding that they will get answers from the developers here.

It’s also not a good thing for this community to become swamped with Apple posts. They are overwhelmingly of very low quality. A very large number of posts I’ve seen seem to basically be: “HELP! Somehow it’s my job to write an iOS app despite having literally no idea where to even get started. Somebody do my job for me!”

I don’t understand how those people even get in to those positions. It’s like applying for a job as a surgeon, then suddenly remembering in the OR that you never went to medical school. Like, did you think nobody would notice?


The moderators don’t actively read every post; we rely on people in the community flagging posts for review. If we had to monitor everything on the forums, it’d verge on being a full-time job, and none of the current moderators would have time to do it.

We really appreciate it when community members take of things like replying to known off-topic posts, but if you’re not sure what to do, or if you just don’t feel like doing it, it’s always fine to just flag the post.

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This is a little ungenerous. A lot of people learning iOS programming are students, and even many professionals are not exclusively, or even primarily, iOS programmers.


I fear that, like many problems in our industry, it comes from privilege.

I encounter plenty of students like this every year. They lack motivation, make zero effort, and "solve" problems by searching/asking for an answer online. Still, they expect to be handed a degree after 3 years. Some of them even go as far as to sue you for failing them. :man_shrugging:

Could we get a 'core forum team' stance on SwiftUI-esque questions? I think it's discouraged but I never feel totally confident enough to flag it or reply with a comment to that effect. With a firm judgement, maybe we could just all settle on the same two-sentence reply (something like 'This question is not suitable for Swift forums. Please ask this question on Apple Developer Forums').

If SwiftUI stuff is to be welcomed or entertained, fine, but then we should make a dedicated subcategory for it in Related Projects or Using Swift?


Questions that are primarily about using Apple APIs should be asked on the Apple developer forums. That’s been our policy here, at Apple’s request, since the moment these forums were created. However, questions about how best to use Swift are on-topic, and sometimes people have questions that straddle the line. We’d rather people ask questions here that verge on being off-topic than feel like there’s nowhere they can ask their question at all. Our goal is to not detract from other places for talking about general Apple platform development.

Discourse has a feature to make “canned replies”, but unfortunately it restricts that feature to staff.

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