April 28, 2021

Attendance: @0xTim, @varland. @tachyonics. @johannesweiss. @ktoso, @tomerd, @kmahar

Action Items :

Carried over from April 14th:

  • @varland Follow-up with the Amazon OSS team re: open process questions one more time
  • @varland is going to meet with the AWS guide author, will give us an update next time
  • @0xTim has reached out to folks at Azure and is continuing to work on action item to get cloud guides published
  • @0xTim and @graskind are continuing to work on getting proposals together for MultipartKit (this will probably come first), SQLiteNIO, MySQLNIO
  • @tomerd to start package collection
  • @johannesweiss to reach out to Helge regarding Slack
  • @ktoso to continue discussing GitHub Actions with Moritz
  • @tomerd: help figuring out how to publish the blog


  • @server-work-group to re-review 2021 goals post async once updates are made per review in today's meeting


  • GitHub Actions
    • Setup for Swift in CI should be straightforward but we need to decide on the right home for it
    • Some discussion around caching. SwiftPM will take an argument for a cache path
  • Docker releases seem to lag Swift releases by a few days, e.g. the Swift 5.4 images are not up yet.
    • This is just a delay in process, no technical reason for the delay.
  • Remaining discussion around forthcoming 2021 goals blog post.

@kmahar is this something that is being proposed? Do you have any more details around this as it's something we would love to see for our own project.

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Unfortunately I've forgotten the details myself as this was a couple weeks ago, but @tomerd may be able to provide more context

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@dlbuckley @kmahar the context was setting the cache path in CI systems to make the builds faster, and this option exists starting swift 5.4

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