April 1st, 2020


  • Added deprecation warning on print() & tagged
  • discussed if to rename (#24). keep the name, add banner

Deployment guides

@Logan_Wright working to add Heroku deployment guide. Several options to explore:
=> buildpack: pitch to the SSWG either the Vapor version or from kylef
=> Heroku.yaml
=> work with Heroku one of the official languages

@Logan_Wright will dig into the options with community relevant members and make recommendation in the guide + potential SSWG propsal

OpenAPI proposal

looks good, @tanner0101 to contact author to move to the feedback phase

MongoDB proposal

looks good, @tanner0101 to contact author to move to the feedback phase

Codable Feedback

@tanner0101 to provide feedback about usage patterns with Codable to help inform future work in this area

Narrative docs

Discussion around the need in narrative docs for SwiftNIO and other projects in the ecosystem. @tanner0101 and @johannesweiss will make recommendation on tooling we could use to create such

Streamlining Proposal Process

  • @tomerd suggested to bring the SSWG proposal process closer to how to core team manages proposals:
    • Pitch will be a forum post, as it is today
    • Proposals would be submitted as PRs into the https://github.com/swift-server/sswg/tree/master/proposals
    • Once a PR is open, the SSWG will assign review manager
    • The review manager will review the language of proposal, assign a number, determine a review period (start/end dates) and eventually merge the PR
    • The review manager will post in the forums proposals areas with link to the proposal and some generic language soliciting feedback. The language will follow the one used in core team proposal review threads.
    • At the end of the review period, the review manager will summarize the the feedback to the SSWG, which will discuss and vote
    • The review manager will then close the proposal thread with the decision and relevant links
  • The team was generally happy with the proposed change
  • Action items: @tomerd to summarize the changes into the process docs.


Discussion about the tradeoffs of @exported in frameworks like vapor, and how to deal with the potential symbol conflicts and semver issues.