April 18th, 2019

(Ian Partridge) #1

Apologies for the delay in posting these minutes.

Attendees: Tanner Nelson, Johannes Weiss, Ian Partridge, Tomer Doron


Decided to postpone the vote so Tanner can post a review thread first.


Swift 5.0.1 images published. We would like to publish toolchains/nightly builds on Docker Hub too, on a different account. Johannes will talk to Mishal/Ted about feasibility.


Intend to publish 0.0.0 for Swift 4 support, to aid adoption.

PR open from community to add switchable basic Stdout/stderr logging. Inclined to accept this.


Review of metrics ecosystem across languages shows that destroy() APIs are pervasive. These indicate that a metric is no longer needed and can be released by the metrics backend. We intend to add this feature. We are delaying 1.0.0 to get this in, and also to test out Metrics in the Postgres package.

HTTP Client

Made the package public during the meeting! Artem will post a pitch thread about it. Hope for feedback from the community.

Pitch & proposal updates

  • Redis - Definitely want to run this review after Postgres.
  • APNS - Making progress.