Applications of the Actor Model

Hello Swift community!

As you all know, actors are about to become part of the Swift language. I have seen several people here in the forums looking for explanations on how actors should be used in code, how people should organize their code, what should and what shouldn't become an actor, how best to think about them, etc. While I don't have an answer to these questions, since I feel that it depends on the specific implementation of the actor model, performance characteristics and so on, I do think it is a good idea to have a place to share what people have created with actor systems. This would at least showcase what is possible with them, give example uses of the actor model in the wild and generally just inspire the community.

The idea for this thread is to gather talks, videos, articles or whatever you can find on the actor model being applied in the wild in our and other communities, in the same vein as the thread on Concurrency designs from other communities, but more focused on the practical applications of the actor model. If you have been reading up on actors and found applications that you find interesting, feel free to share them here!

I'll be the first, starting with a SimCity inspired game, being developed in rust, using the actor model to achieve really impressive... things (I'm not gonna spoil it :stuck_out_tongue:).

This is the talk:

And this is the homepage for the project:

The game is open-source and the links to the GitHub page are on the homepage.

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