Apple, can/should this change be cherry-picked into the Swift 5.8 / Xcode 14.3 release?

The regression the above PR addresses still prevents my -- and other -- teams from using the current (first) Swift 5.8/Xcode 14.3 release candidate. The particular dependency my team is having the issue with is the Facebook Login, as reported by others here. As suggested by the people commenting on the swift PR and related GitHub issues, allowing this regression to persist will continue to disrupt unsuspecting teams.


@Douglas_Gregor @Ben_Cohen sorry for quoting you in this thread, but is there any chance internally you could help prevent releasing the final version of Xcode until this fix is merged in (considering we are only at the RC level and we could get one more RC before it goes live) thus preventing the regression please?

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We will look into pulling this fix into Swift 5.8 and Xcode 14.3. Thanks, everyone for drawing attention to it.


Thank you @tkremenek !

This is fixed in Xcode 14.3 RC 2: Xcode 14.3 RC 2 Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation