Apparent Phishing

I have received several e‐mail messages lately that are ostensibly coming from these forums. (The sender is, same as real messages.) The latest one contains this:

September 15

Good Day,

I want to purchase some property. I hope to get the best price, let me know if that can be done and also I would like to do a 4-month lease for the 500SF space, let me know if there is any other additional information needed to start.

I got a couple of pictures and details of what I am looking at getting and information I need to know before proceeding.

Hope to read from you soon.


Jay Alvather


It is laid out exactly like a new post notification. I don’t want to click the links, so I come to the forums through my normal bookmark, but there is never any indication of any such post.

What I want to know is if these were real posts deleted by administrators before I could log in to check. If so, then I we can all just shake our heads over the spam, breathe easy and go on with life.

But if there never were such posts, then someone is sending very convincing phoney messages. In that case, I need to retrain myself never to click the “Visit Topic” button in any e‐mail message. So far the messages have been uninteresting and unlikely to draw my click, but if they had appeared to be on‐topic, I would have been fooled. The rest of the users probably deserve to be forewarned as well.


I saw the post too inside a safari session, but it's gone right after (even the noti has nothing). Most likely it's a spam post that got immediately deleted.

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The links seem valid: e.g. (valid in the sense that they point to the forum rather than somewhere else).

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Spammers aren't usually original. If I google the contents of spam there are always complaints about it online. I can't find links referencing this text online. There is a real person with that name. Maybe he is subscribed to the forum and has a virus.

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