App / Approach for designs

Good morning people!

Somehow I still stand on the tube when it comes to design and Swift.

As I understand it now, I can not use Adobe XD or other Adobe products for Swift, right?

I could not find a helpful blog post about what potential design software calls.

Which software is probably the most comprehensive to design designs for Swift?
With Flinto I can probably incorporate gestures directly, right?

Thanks and best regards!

Hi there and welcome to the Swift forums. To begin with I'll tag this thread as #off-topic, but I explain why. As mentioned in the other threads from #off-topic this forum and especially this particular sub-category is meant for pure Swift discussions which are not related to Apple's or 3rd party frameworks nor about apps or visual design. That said I highly encourage you to check other platforms like some Slack workgroups or Stackoverflow (while Stackoverflow is more about code then visual design, so Stackexchange is probably a better fit).

To not fully disappoint you I try to make a few thing clearer for you:

  • You probably meant to say App instead of Swift since your questions seem to be focused around visual design.
  • Adobe XD, Sketch are great 3rd party apps to start prototyping a visual representation of your project, but keep in mind that they won't provide any Swift code for you.
  • Software design is different from user interface design.
  • I never really used Sketch personally but I highly encourage you to try out Adobe XD, because it's simple and easy to use and you can get your first prototypes done very fast and even display them on the real device through the iOS app Adobe provides to get a feeling where you're heading.

With all that said, I don't want to drive you away from this forums. If you have questions related to the programming language (not questions on how to build an entire app or how to use libraries unrelated to the open-source project) then the community will welcome you with open hands.

I hope that will help you on your journey.

~ Adrian