AnyView needed to wrap @ViewBuilder if Protocol Extension

Hi everyone. I have a polite request to see if I am missing anything here.
I am aware this has been discussed before (so sorry for the dupe)....

I have a playground snippet to reproduce the problem. If anyone sees a easy workaround other than AnyView(), please let me know.

Thank you

import SwiftUI

protocol RandomThingProtocol {
    var bool: Bool { get }

struct MainView<Content: View>: View {
    let viewBuilder: Content
    var body: some View {

struct EnclosingView: View {
    let something: RandomThingProtocol = RandomThing(bool: true)
    var body: some View {
            viewBuilder: something.viewBuilder()

struct RandomThing: RandomThingProtocol {
    let bool: Bool

extension RandomThingProtocol {
    func viewBuilder() -> some View {
        if bool {
        } else {

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