Anyone tried using Swift for .NET windows app development?

This can be done by an app suite called RemObjects Element.
On Windows it can also works as an extension to VS 2019/2022.
It is free for Swift development (though having lack of Swift Package Manager support at this moment).
They rewrote the Swift compiler and it seems that the compiled Swift apps are in native machine codes without the needs of a Swift runtime.

The only inconvenience is that the Visual Studio interface builder (i.e. designer mode) does not support WYSIWYG window form editing for Swift. You have to manually craft the window contents, or draft a C# Window instead.

I've never done anything serious with it, but I have tried it out a little bit. It's been steadily (if slowly) improving it's compatibility with the official compiler. It's not a bad choice if you want to use Swift for the business logic of a .NET app. You do need to be a little careful of language extensions they've added. They don't have any system to alert you about code that can't compile with the official toolchain.

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