Any way to reflect a PartialKeyPath from self?

I've been rebuilding some code infrastructure with keyPaths.

I have a couple of issues. We have ORM code that does graph management, search, and navigation. For example it handles the navigation and graph walking from object A to object Z without dealing with what is in-between. For example: GetObjectPath(root: objectA, child:objectZ).

I'd like to use this in conjunction with our new keyPath based APIs, where the object walker returns a keyPath to self and appends it to the last, such that at the end of the search I have a full keyPath from /objectA...objectZ.

While chaining keyPaths seems straightforward, getting them does not. I was hoping there was a way to get the keyPath to self, or reflect a keyPath, or convert to a keypath from the walked string names. Is there anyway to solve this without pre-generating a bunch of manual PartialKeyPaths in a dictionary before compile time? (beside being more fragile to data model changes, it would be a lot of code!)