Any Plans for Documentation?

Is there a plan to create documentation for the various Swift projects that are open source?

The language docs are already available in epub. It would be nice to have the standard library, XCTest, Foundation, etc. documentation also available, or something like Go or Rust that comes shipped with the language.

Also, is there a plan to make them available offline we well?


This would be a perfect time to turn into an official to allow for searchable documentation for all related Swift open source libraries, including the standard library, Foundation, XCTest, and the Server APIs. Frankly it’s long overdue. As an open source project Swift must have it’s own documentation and stop relying on Apple’s version.


Yeah. And Apple’s version can be misleading in some cases where the implementation differs.

I’m adopting Swift for Linux server applications and the lack of documentation is keeping me from progressing at a productive pace. The Apple’s resources aren’t sufficient for the open source projects.

And the swift tool needs better documentation on its features as well. I can’t find docs for swift test and swift package anywhere other than in some isolated examples.

I’d love to help as well if documentation (including on how to contribute) lowers barrier to entry.