Any plans for adopting DocC?

Is this something Alamofire would be interested in having?

Yes, and I already have this integrated in a branch (feature/docc-docs). However, until DocC can be hosted on GitHub pages or we integrate another hosting solution, there's not much value to having it. I'd also like to see if DocC can remove the Xcode project integration and build from the package or completely dynamically.

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What do you mean by this?

There's still benefit for those who use the project through SwiftPM in a Swift Package for offline viewing.

When you have a Swift Package opened in Xcode 13, if the Package.swift defines 5.5, then it will generate DocC output for your package, and any of the dependencies in the graph

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 15.34.50

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Interesting, but if that's autogenerated, wouldn't that just work with a 5.5 package?

Overall I'm not interested in specifically supporting DocC until it can replace our hosted documentation. Maintaining duplicate documentation sets just doesn't make sense.

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Sure, it works out of the box - you don't have to do any work. It's just none of the guides, tutorials, etc. power of DocC is utilized in the generated output.

I guess the question is "what does DocC support/adoption mean"?

"Support" means customizing the DocC integration in Xcode to bring in our guides and properly link to the rest of the DocC content. Then properly hosting it somewhere so our on and offline docs are the same, which just isn't possible (easily) right now. It means replacing our Jazzy docs.

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You should consider using VaporDoc to create a vapor app that hosts your documentation. Then, you can host it on heroku. You can link to the web page from the README in your repo. Although github pages is certainly more convenient, I don't think DocC's lack of compatibility with it, alone, should hold you back from using it. After all, github pages is merely one of many ways of hosting online documentation.

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Given we already have generated documentation, Iā€™m not willing to spend even more effort and long term investment for an alternative with no real advantage (without creating unique docs that only work with DocC). Given the (apparent) ongoing work to make the docs easier to host it seems best to wait and see how that plays out before investing more effort.

I will try to get a 5.5 package merged soon so that people can see the autogenerated docs.


Doesn't look like this works with Xcode projects integrating Swift packages unfortunately (though unsurprisingly). I'll still update the package though.

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