Any examples of modern day non-macOS swift development setups?

Most people I know obviously use Xcode for their swift development needs. I'm not too much of a fan of App Code even though I love Jet Brain's IDE's.

As SourceKit develops more I can see swift development expanding more on other platforms. But what do members of the community use now a days?

I personally rely on VIM when I don't have a development environment on the platform I'm working on, or if I'm doing some light editing. But what other type of alternative setups are there? Anything being able to standalone against Xcode now a days?


For non iOS/macOS dev, such as web app or console app, I use VS Code. It works quite well. You could use debugging too.

On Linux, I use both CLion and VS Code + SourceKit-LSP.

CLion has a Swift plugin which turns it into a Swift IDE for Linux and SourceKit-LSP is a lot easier to use now that it comes bundled with the toolchain.

I used to use CLion, but unfortunately it had become broken for me at some point for some reason. The tests don't run reliably anymore and sometimes just say "terminated" instead of "passed" or "failed" :confused:
I'm hoping they'll fix this, in the meantime I use a mixture of VSCode and XCode. I would love if I could just purely use VSCode or even vim, but the support is just not good enough yet.

I'm really hoping Jetbrains will make CLion compatible with Swift on OS X and improve it so it gets similar support to Pycharm which is fantastic. Other than that eagerly awaiting 5.1 to try sourcekit-lsp on VS Code. I share the same frustrations with tooling, love Jetbrains but AppCode isn't reliable and smooth with swift.

I spend all day in headless Linux environments so I actually prefer using vim for my personal stuff too. That way I don't have to change to a GUI mentality when I get home. It also really unifies my home and work environments thanks to my common vim profile/plugin setup. I can code for swift on either Mac or Linux without being able to tell which one I'm actually currently using.

I think vim with syntastic works great for swift development on the CLI. There's a vim swift syntax plugin here and syntastic can be configured to use swiftlint as well as the standard swift build.