Announcing the Language Workgroup

Just announced on the blog:

Today, we are launching the Language Workgroup , which will take on the primary responsibility of oversight of the language and standard library. With a workgroup dedicated to the language evolution, the Core Team will invest more in the overall oversight and direction of the project. The Core Team members will serve as stewards to align the efforts of the various workgroups and shepherd the strategy for building an ever more vibrant open source project and surrounding community.

For the complete details, please see the blog post.


How can we join the workgroup?

The Language Workgroup has now released its charter. The charter lays out the responsibilities of the workgroup, describes the constitution of the workgroup and how it makes decisions, and defines the scope of the workgroup's evolution authority.

We're now working on documents which more rigorously define the roles and responsibilities of different participants in the evolution review process, starting with workgroups and review managers.