Announcing Swift 5.3.3 for Linux and Windows

We are happy to announce the release of Swift 5.3.3 for Linux and Windows.

On behalf of the Swift community, I'd like to thank the folks who made this release possible.

New downloads are available on

Release Notes


#2973 SR-13979: Calendar.nextDate() segmentation fault
#2954 Fix concurrent operations execution in OperationQueue
#2953 Fix OperationQueue scheduling logic to prevent disruption of operation lists
#2951 SR-12981: Foundation.StreamDelegate has required methods on Linux but not Darwin
#2949 SR-12833: processInfo.activeProcessorCount ignores CFS quotas
#2890 Date: Add distance(to:) and advanced(by:) introduced in macOS 10.15
#2888 Add URLSessionTaskMetrics


#308 [CMake] fix runpath for ELF platforms


#3145 The llbuild dependency should reference the 5.3 release branch

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