Announcing Swift 5.10.1 for Linux and Windows

We are happy to announce the release of Swift 5.10.1 for Linux and Windows.New downloads are available on - Install Swift

Release Note

  • New Linux platforms supported:
    • Ubuntu 23.10 (x86_64 and AArch64)
    • Ubuntu 24.04 (x86_64 and AArch64)
    • Debian 12 (x86_64 and AArch64)
    • Fedora 39 (x86_64 and AArch64)

It's good to see Debian now on the supported distros list, but it seems there's still no native support, merely tarballs and Docker images (as opposed to e.g. apt install swiftlang). Why is that?


It seems like it would be good to have (deb and rpms) but it’s actually not common to have programming tool chains packaged for distributions officially. Look at Go and Rust as examples. Instead, they are investing time into a Swift version manager called Swiftly. It’s awesome if you haven’t checked it out yet!


Hmm, it's all I've ever used, e.g. with Python.

I'm aware of Swiftly, but it just extends the problem to now having yet another tarball to manually manage.

In my experience pretty much every Linux system has a robust, built-in way to essentially apt update && apt upgrade automatically, periodically. Having to build a bespoke setup just to keep Swift up to date is not great.

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Well if you DO want deb packages for Swift, look no further than the Swift for ARM project. They are building for Debian and Ubuntu x86_64 and arm64 as well. Not officially supported but works like a charm.

I somewhat doubt Apple will officially maintain their own repositories with deb and rpm packages, but that does not stop the community from doing this! :slight_smile:


Right, and that's what I use. It works great. The problem is, practically nobody new to Swift is going to use it because they have no reasonable way to know about it, since it's never mentioned on

It'd be great if the Swift-ARM community effort were highlighted on, and included in the 'how to install Swift' pages.


I think it's due to lack of cooperation between Swift developers and Linux distributions maintainers. Or lack of effort from Swift developers to create and propose proper packages for Linux distributions.

For me personally, tarballs are OK (but Docker images are not).


At which point will Windows ARM be on the list of supported platforms and available on the download page? According to this ticket ARM support seems to be “ready”.

See @compnerd's earlier answer to me. After following your link, I see now that they have been putting out unofficial Windows AArch64 trunk toolchain installers since last September, including for the 5.10 branch. I suggest you try those out and report any problems you find to them.


I agree, that would be nice. Maybe something that can happen in the future as part of the platform steering group work.