[Announcement] SSWG is looking for new members!

Hello everyone,
In our recent Dec 21th, 2023 Special Update we shared that @finestructure would be joining the workgroup :slight_smile: The workgroup currently consists of eight members. representing a variety of companies and the server-side community involved in development and maintenance of server-side swift projects.

We would like to reach out to the wider community and invite anyone who might be interested in joining the work group to get in contact with us. If you have some server-side development topics you're passionate about, and would like to help the community grow this is your chance!

Becoming a member of the SSWG usually entails one or a few of the following responsibilities:

  • participating in regular bi-weekly SSWG meetings (calls), occasionally taking role of note-taker
  • helping community members navigate the server landscape, and using those interactions to further shape the goals and direction of the SSWG
  • taking the lead on some aspects of such work -- e.g. by organizing community threads, collaborations, building or helping others build/maintain projects important to the server community.

The group is very flexible, and the only requirement is some kind of focus on server side technologies in Swift. We also know that sometimes the best candidates may be rather shy about applying to such soles, so if you know someone who you think would fit the group, reach out to them and nominate them! :slight_smile: If you'd like to know more about the workgroup, we recommend reading up on it over here: Swift.org - Swift Server Workgroup (SSWG) or just asking directly in this thread, we're happy to chat.

Applications should be sent directly to the workgroup via forums direct messaging (addressing the message to @server-workgroup).

After applying, we usually schedule for the person to join a few of the meetings and see if they'd enjoy the work. After the probatory 2-3 meetings, the current SSWG members vote on accepting the newcomer long-term.

Please feel free to use this thread for general discussion on the topic.

  • Swift Server Workgroup

Iโ€™d like to propose Corey Baker, whoโ€™s leading the ParseServerSwift project, as a candidate. ParseServerSwift is a Vapor project that functions as a Parse SDK compatible backend. Corey was previously an engineer on the Apple Health team developing apps and frameworks. The open-source software he worked on can be found at https://www.researchandcare.org, with one of the frameworks being CareKit.

I believe Coreyโ€™s experience working on these frameworks and in particular his perspective at the intersection of server component and client SDK would be a great addition to the SSWG.



Thanks for the nomination @finestructure, I'm happy to answer any questions...