Angle brackets are mangled by quotes

When a post contains code with “<” and/or “>” characters, it looks fine:

func foo<T: Comparable> (a: T, b: T, f: (T,T)->T) -> T {
  return (a < b) ? f(a, b) : f(b, a)

…until you try to quote it. Then you get a mess of “&lt;” and “&gt;”:

Can we get this fixed?


It may be escaped in the editor part, but it shows up OK in the preview and final post.

Not if you put code ticks (```) around it.

I’m bumping this because there are some recent examples where the forum behavior makes posts quite difficult to read.

Notably, in this thread Douglas Gregor quotes Adrian Zubarev’s code examples and, to keep them displaying as code, puts backticks around them. This causes every single angle bracket in the quoted code to show up as mangled html codes.


I don’t think we have any ability to act on this beyond pressuring Discourse to treat it as a bug.